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Many companies and businesses can benifit from creating a social media profile on the top 5 sites. This is at the moment where everyone is gathered, and therefore also potential customers. So how to get started?, and is it so complicated? and what to considder?, read on and I will try to explain.

Online businesses

The Social Media DIY Workshop talkes about being online, and getting found online. Naturally this is a given, you need to have a website, and you need to do some optimization, some SEO, some PPC advertising, and perhaps even to grow even more some Social Media work. Link all of the above and you are well underway to success.

The Social Media effort

Many people claim that to be present on social media requires lots of resources. This is partly true. If you are a small business, you are most likely able to deal with the communication yourself, and for bigger companies and brands, just allocate a small team and set up a plan, with actions to manage things if they get out of hand. Usually these things are left in safe hands with young responsible employees, they are the natives in this field.

Where to start

That depends on your business. A larger corporation who usually recruits would be likely to have some success with the use of LinkedIn. Social Media Examiner writes about 5 creative ways to use LinkedIn here.  Other types of business may be better off starting with Google+, or Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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