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iPhone WI-FI Network disconnecting

iPhone WI-FI Network connecting, then disconnecting, connecting, then disconnecting, does this sound like a symptom you have had experience with, please supply a solution below. 

Video of the problem

Description of hardware gear
iPhone 1 gen OTB, firmware 2.2 (problem has been there since first upgrades from OTB software). Router Netgear WPN 824 v2, running without 108 support and with WEB security.

I have tried almost every solution found on the net to fix the problem, im having a hard time believing that others have had the same problem and fixed it. Please help if you can, I would appriciate it.

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10 Responses to “iPhone WI-FI Network disconnecting”

  1. guarroman Says:

    I’m experiencing the same problem, I recently installed iTunes 8.1 and simply syncronized my phone and wifi began to work like in your video
    It was working ok with 2.2.1 (jailbreaked) until now.
    If I discover something I promise I will publish it here

  2. guarroman Says:

    I have restored the iPhone with a 2.2.1 custom firmware and the problem persists

  3. admin Says:

    @guarroman, thanks for your comment. Will be glad to hear if you discover something. In the mean time my iPhone 3G has arrived from Telenor in Sweden, and i’m surprised to find out that dock is missing from the package and a little tool (needle like thing) is now included to open SIM container.

  4. guarroman Says:

    I have restored my iPhone with 2.2 original firmware, then Quickpwn and nothing, the problem is still there.
    Something strange is that sometimes wifi works perfect, then suddenly begins to do the same.
    The iPhone discover networks very well but the problem is when you try to connect to them
    Maybe a battery problem?, maybe when trying to connect to a network the iPhone is demanding more energy from the battery…

  5. guarroman Says:

    I downgraded my iPhone to 1.1.4 using iTunes 7.5, then I used KIphone to downgrade baseband, then activate and unlock with iLiberty+, then restored original firmware 2.2.1 and then Quickpwn to activate and unlock….
    The problem persists…

  6. Shay Ceasary Says:

    I have the EXACT same problems, it happened without any upgrade/downgarade. It happened in my last travel abroad (UK)
    The phone details: 2G, 16G, 2.2.1, 8.1 pwange

  7. guarroman Says:

    I have published a poll about the problem
    you can vote here:

  8. guarroman Says:

    I have upgraded my iPhone to firmware version 3.0 beta 2 and the problem is still there.

  9. guarroman Says:

    Used this tutorial to manually downgrade the 04.05.04_G to 04_04_05_G succesfully but still having wifi problems

  10. Mirella Laffredo Says:

    Hi there may I reference some of the information here in this entry if I link back to you?

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